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Expert Dog Care

Experience the best wash and grooming services for your furry friend at The Dog Wash.
All prices are indicative only.

dog chewing on a bone
No appointment required

Dog Wash & Dry

wet dog holding. a towel
from $26

Wash & Towel Dry

dog getting a wash in a bath
from $55

Fur Indulgence

fluffy dog getting a blow dry
from $44

Wash & Blow Dry


Wash & Dry Pricing Chart

Our rates may vary depending on your dog’s size, coat condition, and behaviour during washing. All prices are starting prices.

Size of DogExample BreedWeightWash & Blow DryWash & Towel Dry
X Smalle.g. Chihuahua, Toy Cavoodle, Boston Terrier< 5kg$44.00$26.00
Smalle.g. Cavoodle, Maltese, Cavalier, Frenchie, Pug, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Schnauzer5-15 kg$48.00$29.00
Mediume.g. Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Staffy, Mini Groodle, Labradoodle15-25 kg$55.00$34.00
Largee.g. Labrador, Groodle, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Border Collie, Kelpie25-35 kg$60.00$38.00
X Largee.g. Husky, German Shepherd, SamoyedN/A$75.00$42.00
Giante.g. Bernese, Leonberger, NewfoundlandN/A$99.00$49.00

No more messy DIY solutions

With professional equipment and trained staff your dog is safe with us.
We understand how important your furry family member is to you and want to make sure you enjoy them as much as they do you.

From professional grooming to a curated selection of premium products, we have everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.


With our walk-in service for baths and blow-drys, you can enjoy the convenience of not having to book in advance.


We prioritise compassion, quality, and exceptional customer service to ensure your pet receives the best care.

a dog rolling in pieces of cotton

Additional Services

Our rates may vary depending on your dog’s size, coat condition, and behaviour during washing. All prices are starting prices.

Medicated Shampoofrom $6.00
Sanitaryfrom $12.00
Ear Cleanfrom $8.00
Face Tidyfrom $18.00
Eye Tidyfrom $5.00
Basic Brushoutfrom $5.00
Padicurefrom $18.00
Bum Tidyfrom $5.00
Nail Clipfrom $14.00
Appointment required

Dog Grooming

groomed dog standing with red bow in its hair
from $99

Regular Grooming


Give Your Dog The Care They Deserve

A soothing hydrobath wash using our high quality shampoos and a full body clip to the length of your choice.

It includes nail clipping, sanitary trim, face, feet and tail trim and shaved paw pads. The full groom is finished with fragrance and a super cute accessory.

Beyond aesthetics, our service promotes health, prevents matting, and identifies issues early. Trust us to keep your furry friend both stylish and healthy.

We Can't Wait to Meet You and Your Furry Friend!

As fellow dog owners, we know how much your dog means to you and your family.

At The Dogwash Bathhouse and Grooming, we prioritise the well-being of our furry clients. Our approach revolves around ensuring a positive experience for every dog.

If a dog appears stressed or uncomfortable during the grooming process, we prioritise their comfort and well-being and will stop the grooming session if necessary.

a dog lying in front of a treat bar